Disk For Backups

The backup disk (backup) stores a backup of your server data. The backup disk will help you to save the business when data is lost from the server.
Causes of data loss

    • Equipment failure
    • System Administrator Error
    • Malefactors actions
    • System error

Any data can be deleted for one of these reasons. When it comes to a running business, the issue of losing all the accumulated information is particularly acute. We advise you to keep a backup copy of the project on an external disk for backups.

The disk is located in separate storage, its work does not depend on the operation of your server, the data on the disk for backups will be saved even in case of complete removal of your server. Storage is available to connect from the external network at no additional charge for traffic.

Benefits of backing up your data

You will not lose business if data from the server has been deleted accidentally

Disk for backups minimizes losses from the unfair actions of your competitors or intruders

Write to the support service and we will recover the data from the disk. You can also deploy a backup yourself through the control panel.